What is your number? How visit volume predicts success

Posted by Cross Current on June 13, 2017

I think we can all agree, every healthcare executive wants to grow their practice. To become successful and actualize marked growth, executives need two key factors: data and volume.

 Data is king. We all know that. If you can’t benchmark, trend, and analyze your throughput, capacity, and overall operations, then how do you know where your growth opportunities are? With that said, in today’s market you need data from all the systems you utilize in one place. Know your data, know your growth potential.

 In the voluminous amount of data you have, there is one integral bit of information that can inform the rest of your business. What’s your visit volume? This number sets the stage for everything else. Your visit volume statistics are the signposts on the side of the road that tell you which way to go, whether to speed up or slow down, and how fast you can get there. It’s the number you use to build your roadmap. Benchmark it. Then ask yourself, how does my visit volume relate to my staffing, exam room capacity, patient satisfaction, and surgical volume.

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Visit Volume Analysis by Cross Current

If you can’t get at your data and trend your visit volume, do yourself a favor and procure an off-the-shelf analytics solution. It’s the fastest way to see real growth.

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